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Speeding bikers hit the sunny roads

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Feb. 18, 2019

Motorcyclists are being warned of spring fever. 

Kapo AG Speeding bikers hit the sunny roads

The last few days have been warmer and ice free and bikers are taking to the road.

It seems there could be a lot of pent up frustration. One 50-year-old rider won’t be getting back on his bike anytime soon after being flashed at 148 in an 80 zone in Zurich. His bike was confiscated. In canton Aargau another was caught at 133 in an 80. His licence was taken away on the spot.

Also, a 25-year-old was seriously injured when he hit a car in canton Schwyz.

A spokesman for Zurich police says the biking season seems to have started about a month early, while Aargau police say the high spirits of bikers are very noticeable.

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