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Adult film star to figurehead Swiss Nationalist party

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Feb. 7, 2019

The extreme right-wing party, the Swiss Nationalists, are hoping their new figurehead will lead to a breakthrough in the parliamentary elections in October.

Pixabay Adult film star to figurehead Swiss Nationalist party

27-year-old Jasmine Maeder is the chair of the Zurich branch of the party. She comes with a level of notoriety as she was an adult film star when she was 18 years old, under the name of Teen Cleopatra. Her films have been watched several hundred thousand times.

But one of the party’s aims is to protect the young against drugs and pornography – Maeder herself says she’s not proud of her past.

The Swiss Nationalists have been listed as extreme by the Federal Police Office and only have two elected positions on communes in cantons Bern and Solothurn.

Its considered unlikely the party will reach the required threshold to take any seats at a federal level.

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