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Small passageway causes big problems in Graübunden

National News // Jan. 8, 2019

A feud at a small ski resort in canton Graubünden is dragging in local authorities.

pixabay Small passageway causes big problems in Graübunden

For over 50 years a local family in the village of Bivio has allowed skiers to pass through a private passageway on the way to a ski lift. In return the family got free ski passes.

Last year, the ski lift company decided to withdraw the free passes – so the family closed the passageway. Blocking it with chains and threatening fines for trespassing.

Skiers have to take a longer route to get to the lift.

The commune is now involved and promising to settle the issue. But the local mayor says one way may be the forced expropriation of the passageway.

Tags: ski, graubunden

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