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Gilets-Jaune protest flops in Bern

National News // Jan. 7, 2019

A Swiss Gilets-Jaune, or yellow vest, protest failed to get much traction in Bern on Saturday. Only 50 turned up.

pixabay Gilets-Jaune protest flops in Bern

Police say the protest was unauthorized, but in the end – it went unnoticed by many people on the streets.

 The call for protestors was made on social media – only three participants were seen at Geneva train station heading for Bern.

It’s unclear who exactly is behind the movement, but one leading figure on Facebook is a school student from canton Vaud, Kevin Charmillot, who can also be seen posing with a gun.

The protestors are calling for lower health insurance premiums, higher wages, no rise in retirement ages and fair rents.


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