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New vignette seems to have misprint - but it's deliberate

National News // Jan. 4, 2019

The new autoroute vignette seems to have a misprint. The number ‘1’ which forms the figure 19 printed in the background is occasionally reversed.

adac New vignette seems to have misprint - but it's deliberate

Some thought it was an error by the printers, but in fact it’s part of an anti-counterfeiting measure.

There are also other hidden features to prevent fraud. It’s thought there are hundreds of fake vignettes in circulation, costing CHF 20m in lost revenue.

In 2017 over 600 people were charged with either using a fake vignette or not sticking it to the windscreen properly. Offenders face a fine of CHF 500 and a criminal record.

If you want to use the autoroute, you have until the end of the month to buy a 2019 sticker. The vignette costs CHF 40.

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