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'Beast of Rupperswil' maybe released one day

National News // Dec. 14, 2018

An appeals court says the so called ‘Beast of Rupperswil’ can be eventually released from prison, but he will have to serve at least 20 years.

pixabay 'Beast of Rupperswil' maybe released one day

Prosecutors had asked for a ‘life means life’ sentence – very rare in Switzerland.

The 35-year-old entered a house in Rupperswil in Aargau in December 2015. He raped a 13-year-old boy and then killed him. He then murdered the mother, another son and his girlfriend.

Before the killings he had a clean criminal record and did not know his victims.

The court says the indeterminate sentence set by the lower court is correct, which means that it’s possible he maybe released one day.

The law says that someone can only be jailed for life if two psychiatrists say there’s no chance of rehabilitation. But the prosecution has not been able to secure that medical opinion.

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