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No surprises as two women elected to Federal Council

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Dec. 6, 2018

In the end there were no surprises at yesterday’s votes.

Pixabay No surprises as two women elected to Federal Council

Next year’s Federal Council will have two new women at the table. 54-year-old Karin Keller-Sutter from Sankt Gallen and 56-year-old Viola Amherd from Valais have been elected. Both secured their places in the first round of voting. Amherd winning a little easier than expected.

They were both clear winners and maintain the party balance on the council as Keller-Sutter is from the Radical-Liberal party and Amherd is a Christian Democrat.

Headline writers have already established the initial KKS for Keller-Sutter.

Amherd is described as being from the political centre and able to form consensus and build bridges while KKS is to the right of centre and known for taking a tough stand on immigration.


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