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Two women to be voted onto Federal Council today

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Dec. 5, 2018

Its likely parliament will vote two women onto the Federal Council later today.

Pixabay Two women to be voted onto Federal Council today

Parliamentarians met last night in the Hotel Bellevue, next to the Federal Palace, to discuss their voting intentions. The meeting is traditional.

It seems highly likely Karin Keller-Sutter from Sankt Gallen will take the place being vacated by Johann Schneider-Amann. She commands broad support in the house.

In the other race, the current MP for Brig in Valais, Viola Amherd, is seen as the favorite. But she will be fighting against Heidi Z’graggen from Uri. She doesn’t have a seat in the federal parliament, which is seen as a disadvantage. Commentators say that race is too close to call. Whoever takes the seat will be replacing Doris Leuthard.

After the current two federal councilors announced their retirement, there were calls to make sure their replacements were both women. That’s going to happen.

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