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Successful weekend of Escalade festivities despite rain

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Dec. 3, 2018

Constant drizzle and the cold didn’t put off 40,000 runners in Geneva for the Escalade races. 

Pixabay Successful weekend of Escalade festivities despite rain

Thousands were on the street either running or watching.

4,000 ran the final race, the Marmite, dressed in costumes – many were running to mark the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For the first time, the races were held across two days. The elite race was won by 22-year-old Julien Wanders from Geneva for the second year in a row. He currently holds the European 10km road race record. In the women’s race, 24-year-old Ethiopian Helen Bekele took the top spot.

There was one small mishap - traffic bollards in the old town, designed to keep out cars that don’t have a permit, unexpectedly raised from the ground. This blocked the vehicles which should have been ahead of the racers to make sure the path was clear and also could have been dangerous for the runners.

Fortunately, a nearby police officer had a key which could override the system.

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