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Parking ticket outburst may cost Italian worker her job

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Dec. 3, 2018

An Italian frontier worker is fighting for her Swiss job after she launched a vitriolic tirade against Switzerland.

Pixabay Parking ticket outburst may cost Italian worker her job

The worker commutes from Como every day into Ticino to work as an IT engineer. Like thousands of others every day, she struggles to find parking. She often gets tickets.

She’s convinced she’s singled out due to her Italian licence plates. After receiving another CHF 120 fine, she took to social media and let fly a volley of insults. Claiming the Swiss are ignorant and racist and only give tickets to non-Swiss cars.

She ended up by signing off ‘I can’t wait to get out of here’.

The post was seen by hundreds – including her Swiss boss – who says she’s broken the company’s trust and wants to sack her.

She told Ticino online that’s she’s sorry and knows her outburst was a mistake.


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