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Bus companies compete for Zurich airport contract

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Dec. 3, 2018

Several private bus companies are fighting for a licence to be able to serve Zurich airport.

Pixabay Bus companies compete for Zurich airport contract

 More flights are now departing at 6am, but the first train doesn’t arrive until 5.15. That’s not enough time for many.

The airport expects more than 1,000 passengers to turn up before 6am next year.

Zurich transport authorities have rejected an earlier train, so bus companies are vying for the opportunity.

They want to run a service from Zurich train station to the airport, with the first departures at 4.45am to arrive before 5.

Others want to have a service running earlier from further afield, such as Chur and Interlaken.

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