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New move to make winter tyres compulsory

National News // Oct. 31, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not illegal to use summer tyres in the winter. But maybe that could change. Long time campaigner for stricter laws, parliamentarian Walter Wobmann, has introduced a bill which will allow police to fine drivers ill-equipped for the weather.

pixabay New move to make winter tyres compulsory

The sudden change in temperature is being blamed for a spate of accidents across the country.

Garages know the problem well – many people wait too long before changing their tyres, and then get caught out.

The motoring organization, the TCS, says changing the tyres should be up to the driver.

But if you are involved in an accident and have unsuitable tyres you could be fined and your insurance company may refuse to pay.

The advice is you should have winter tyres fitted from the beginning of October to Easter.

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