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Blue road reflectors ineffective against deer collisions

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Oct. 25, 2018

Blue reflectors don’t stop deer being killed on the roads.

Pixabay Blue road reflectors ineffective against deer collisions

A study by the University of Zurich has determined they are ineffective.

Blue reflectors have been placed along roads all over Europe for the last several years – the idea is deer are frightened by the color and will avoid the area.

But hunters from across the country are disagreeing. They say they’ve seen a decline in collisions since the reflectors were fitted.

However, the study is backed by the conservation group Pro Natura. A spokesman says the animals get used to the color and soon ignore it.

Figures from the Federal Environment Office shows deer collisions are on the rise with more than 20,000 reported every year. The cost is estimated at around CHF 50m annually.


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