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New traffic laws established for 2019

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Oct. 11, 2018

Several new traffic laws will come into force in the New Year.

Pixabay New traffic laws established for 2019

The government has announced changes after months of deliberation.

It will be legal to undertake on autoroutes if the traffic is moving slowly. Although many drivers will do so already, it was technically illegal.

It will also be compulsory to create an ‘emergency lane’ on autoroutes in the case of tailbacks. Cars should move to the side of the road, leaving a gap for emergency vehicles in the middle.

When lanes are merging, the so called ‘zipper’ will be a legal requirement. Drivers should let one car merge in front of them.

The speed limit for towing trailers or caravans will change – moving from 80 kph to 100.

The ban on selling alcohol will be lifted at service stations.

And cyclists will be able to turn right on a red signal. That follows a successful test for the last few years in Basel.


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