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Prosecutors take roadworks speeding offence to Federal Court

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Oct. 3, 2018

The Geneva prosecutor’s office has made sure a speeding driver will feel the full force of the law by appealing to the Federal Court after cantonal courts refused to consider the offence as serious.

PIxabay Prosecutors take roadworks speeding offence to Federal Court

The driver was flashed while driving through roadworks at 86 kph which had a temporary limit of 40. Normally the limit would be 80.

Lower courts decided the offence was minor, as it was only slightly above the normal limit and issued a fine of CHF 1,500.

But Geneva prosecutors successfully argued at a federal level that the lower limit should be used, which means the driver was showing great negligence. The higher court agreed and has now issued a fine of CHF 10,000 and the driver may have to serve jail time.

The federal court says the limit is in place to protect the workers. 

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