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Food dominates this weekend's votes

National News // Sept. 21, 2018

Citizens go to the polls this weekend for a series of federal and cantonal votes.

pixabay Food dominates this weekend's votes

The most important involve food and bikes.

There are two, slightly overlapping votes on food. The ‘Fair Food Initiative’ aims to increase the production of food which is environmentally friendly and fair to the farmers. It also demands the government makes sure any imported food meets the same standard.

The ‘Food Sovereignty’ initiative is very similar, but also demands certain foods are banned from being imported into the country or taxed heavily. But some say the demands are too stringent and contravene international agreements.

But it’s thought they will now struggle to pass. Major retailers have voiced concerns about cost. Pollsters expect both to fail.

But another federal vote looks likely to pass. It’s a counter proposal put forward following an initiative to force the government to build cycle paths. The government thought it went too far and came up with this weekend’s alternative. The first initiative has been withdrawn.


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