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There is less snow in Switzerland

National News // Sept. 13, 2018

What many winter sports fans will suspect has been confirmed by research – there is less snow now than there was several years ago. And scientist say it is global warming.

pixabay There is less snow in Switzerland

A report by the University of Geneva with the UN Environment programme shows that between 2005 and last year, 44% of the country had very low chance of getting any snow. In the years between 1995 and 2005, that area was 10% smaller.

Even the areas which have a very high chance of getting snow is down - it used to be 27 percent of the country was virtually guaranteed to get snow. Now its 23%.

The data was collected by US and European satellites.

Less snow is not just a problem for the tourist industry. But it could mean higher flood risk and less water to drink as snow acts as a natural reservoir.

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