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Healthy 74 year old woman plans her death

National News // Sept. 10, 2018

A 74-year-old French woman who lives in canton Bern is being accused of a selfish publicity stunt after she announced her plans to commit suicide in January 2020, despite the fact she’s perfectly healthy.

pixabay Healthy 74 year old woman plans her death

Jacqueline Jencquel says age is nothing but an incurable disease.

She told the press she’s lived her life to the fullest and she wants to die before she’s pitied.

But Jencquel is a passionate supporter of euthanasia and is campaigning for it to be legalized in her home country France.

One of her sons is a documentary film maker and he will accompany her during her last year with his camera.

Her husband says he supports her decision, saying she writes her own life book.


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