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Switzerland falls in expat rankings

National News // Sept. 7, 2018

A new survey shows Switzerland is plummeting in the rankings for a being a good place to live and work for expats.

pixabay Switzerland falls in expat rankings

It’s now the 44th best place to be for expats, down 40 places in the past five years.

The survey was carried out by InterNations. The CEO, Malte Zeeck, says the biggest problem seems to be the ability to make friends with many expats saying they don’t feel at home. Very few have Swiss friends.

But also, the costs of being in Switzerland can be eye-watering – especially for families. Child and healthcare are extremely expensive despite the higher than average salaries.

Also, job satisfaction for expats is down with more feeling their career options are more limited.

But there are some positives – the economy, stability, safety and the quality of healthcare is rated highly.

But the best place for an expat to be according to the survey – Bahrain.


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