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Retailers say vote could lead to higher food prices

National News // Sept. 4, 2018

Later this month, voters will be asked if they want all food to be sold in Switzerland to be farmed organically and sustainably -and all imported food should match the same high standard.

pixabay Retailers say vote could lead to higher food prices

The ‘Fair Food Initiative’ calls on the government to ensure the supply of animal friendly and fairly produced food as well as considering the environmental cost of production.

But the big retail chains are warning the move could lead to a surge in prices. Migros says that could be as much as 20%. Some economists say it could be as much as 50%.

Those behind the initiative accuse the big chains of scaremongering. They say importers and food processors already enjoy a huge margin on food.

The Swiss Farmer’s Association is also skeptical. The president says all food produced in the country already complies and it will only be imported food which will fall under the new rules. Markus Ritter believes this will mean only a 5% increase.

The vote will be on September 23rd.

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