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Holidays cancelled for postponed exam

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Aug. 24, 2018

Students at the top-flight ETH university in Zurich are furious an important exam has been postponed, and many will now have to cancel their holiday plans.

Pixabay Holidays cancelled for postponed exam

An architecture exam was due to be held today – but a problem with the syllabus means it will have to be held back until the end of the month.

As it was the last exam scheduled for this year – many students had planned a vacation.

It’s thought 200 will be affected.

The university is offering the chance for students to take it later in the year, but that means the final results won’t be out until January – and those who narrowly miss a pass will be unable to retake it this academic year, potentially adding a year to their studies. 

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