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Thousands of techno fans expected for Zurich’s Street parade

National News // By Rebecca Karmazyn // Aug. 10, 2018

As many as 900,000 people will parade through the streets of Zurich tomorrow for the 27th edition of the city’s Street Parade. 

Image: Verein Street Parade, ZURICH Thousands of techno fans expected for Zurich’s Street parade

Leading them through the streets will be 30 so-called Love Mobiles, that play techno music as they drive along. The theme of this year’s parade is ‘Culture of Tolerance’.

The Zurich Street Parade is the biggest gathering of techno music lovers. Last year, the parade attracted more than 900,000 people with crowds expected to be of a similar size this year.

The parade doesn’t just involve dancing in the streets but will also see organized parties running late into the night.

Swiss Federal Railways is running 100 special trains to take techno lovers from all over the country to the Street Parade. Trains will run until the early hours of Sunday morning.




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