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Heatwave kills thousands of fish in overheated rivers

National News // By Rebecca Karmazyn // Aug. 7, 2018

High temperatures and a lack of rain has led to an emergency for thousands of fish in the country’s rivers and streams. 

Wikipedia (public domain) Heatwave kills thousands of fish in overheated rivers

For the past few weeks, authorities have been forced to move fish populations in some areas to try to help them survive but one canton has reported that many fish have already died.

Water temperatures in the River Rhine in the canton of Schaffhausen have risen to more than 27 degrees, with around a tonne of Arctic Char, a member of the trout family, already having been found dead.

Other rivers close by have dead fish floating on the surface.

The Swiss Federation of Fisheries says that the species becomes stressed if water temperatures rise above 20 degrees and are certain to die if they are in water above 25 degrees for an extended period.

The Federation says that it’s concerned that the fish emergency in Schaffhausen will spread to other parts of the country.




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