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Swiss arms exports in first half of year higher than last year

National News // July 27, 2018

For the first six months of this year, Switzerland exported weapons and munitions worth CHF 205.2 million, higher than for the same period last year, when the half-year total was CHF 166.6 million.

Pixabay Swiss arms exports in first half of year higher than last year

The State Secretariat for Economic Affairs says that Swiss exports of weapons, ammunition and war-related material so far this year have ranged from CHF 47.7 million to Germany, CHF 32.6 million to the US, CHF 3 million to Bahrain and CHF 2 million to Saudi Arabia.

Swiss law forbids the export of war material to a country involved in an armed conflict. This led, in 2015, to Switzerland stopping weapons deliveries to Saudi Arabia, which spearheaded a military intervention in Yemen. This decision was reversed in 2016, when concerns over the risk of Swiss war materials being used in the Yemen conflict were rejected.

In June, the rules on arms exports were relaxed, with the government deciding that exports to countries with an internal armed conflict could be possible under certain conditions.

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