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Party goers rescue troubled swimmer from Zurich river

National News // July 27, 2018

Two students, who were at a birthday party near the River Limmat in Zurich, are being hailed as heroes after they jumped into the river to save a swimmer who’d got into trouble.

Pixabay Party goers rescue troubled swimmer from Zurich river

The two men, who are in their early 20s, saw a man in swimming gear jump into the river on Wednesday night and disappear under the water. The students decided the swimmer needed help when he didn’t resurface after several seconds.

The men say that, as it was dark, it was difficult to see anything above or below the waterline but one of them saw the 40-year-old man floating, without moving, in the direction of the current.

The students managed to rescue the man and bring him to safety on the river bank where he was given medical treatment.

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