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Girlfriend says ‘yes’ to Geneva billboard marriage proposal

National News // July 26, 2018

It’s a happy ending for a love-struck man who proposed to his girlfriend on a billboard in Geneva.

PIxabay Girlfriend says ‘yes’ to Geneva billboard marriage proposal

The man, who we know only as Michael, works for a billboard company and had asked his boss if he could put up posters asking for his beloved’s hand so that she could see them as she passed by on a bus. The posters read ‘Choufa, do you want to marry me?’ He was quietly confident that she would say ‘yes’ when the sign went public on Tuesday.

However, things didn’t quite go according to plan when Choufa didn’t take her regular bus route. Michael invented an excuse later in the day to walk past the billboard with her, his girlfriend having received a text message just minutes earlier with a photo of the sign asking if it was meant for her. She didn’t believe the text message but as soon as she saw the posters with her own eyes she said ‘I do’. 

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