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Two men escape from burning boat on Lake Geneva

National News // July 25, 2018

Two men have been badly burned after their boat caught fire on Lake Geneva not long after refuelling.

Pixabay Two men escape from burning boat on Lake Geneva

The men, aged 17 and 49, jumped into the water to escape the fire, which was a hundred metres from the beach at Bursinel near Rolle in the canton of Vaud. The accident happened late yesterday morning.

According to investigators, the fire started a few minutes after the men had left a fuelling station. Flames appeared at the front of the boat and quickly spread, leaving the boat completely destroyed. The men had managed to jump into the water to escape the blaze and were rescued by other people on boats on the lake. They have been treated for burns at hospital in Lausanne.

Initial investigations suggest that the boat caught fire due to a technical fault.

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