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Further warning of forest fires and water shortages

National News // July 25, 2018

As the heatwave continues, St. Gallen has become the latest canton to ban making fires in or near forests.

Pixabay Further warning of forest fires and water shortages

A ban is already in place in several other cantons with Thurgau set to impose banning outdoor fires later this week.

The lengthy dry spell has led to topsoil in forests, meadows and fields being particularly dry, making them high fire risks. Many trees are also suffering from the heat with reports that some are so dried out that they are losing their branches or are at risk of falling. The brief period of rain last weekend has done little to improve the situation.

Tinder dry land has led to concerns over the use of fireworks on Swiss National Day on 1st August. Firework bans for the day have been imposed by St. Gallen and Thurgau with others expected to follow suit.

The heatwave has led to low water levels in lakes and rivers but there are no hosepipe bans as yet. People are, however, being asked to save water where possible and have been encouraged not to wash their cars, water their gardens or fill private swimming pools. 

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