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Security review after two more prisoners escape

National News // July 24, 2018

Security measures at a detention centre in Geneva are under review after two prisoners escaped at the weekend.

Pixabay Security review after two more prisoners escape

They were arrested within half an hour of fleeing from the Favra centre in Puplinge on Sunday lunchtime. The latest incident comes just two months after three detainees escaped from the centre in the middle of the night by cutting through the bars of a cell with a saw and using a sheet to get from the first floor to the ground. Security was apparently tightened up after this escape.

The Favra detention centre is for prisoners who are on remand. A spokesperson for the Cantonal Office of Detention says that immediate measures to make the detention centre escape-proof are in place but that they are only provisional, adding that the infrastructure of the centre is old and no longer up to standard. The centre is due to be replaced by a new prison.

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