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Delayed rail passengers to receive up to CHF 100 if they use an app

National News // July 24, 2018

Rail passengers who are delayed by ongoing construction work can receive goodwill gift certificates worth CHF 100 if they track their slow journeys using a smartphone app.

PIxabay Delayed rail passengers to receive up to CHF 100 if they use an app

Swiss Federal Railways has introduced the compensation scheme to appease passengers who are affected by delays on the Lausanne–Puidoux-Chexbres line.

Thirty construction projects are underway on Swiss railways at the moment, with projects in Lausanne, St. Gallen and Gelterkinden in northern Switzerland causing major disruption. The construction work is due to finish at the end of August.

To qualify for a gift certificate, passengers need to download an app to track their journey times. If they’re delayed by at least 20 minutes on 10 days, they’ll get the reward. However, public transport lobby group Pro Bahn Switzerland says that the scheme is unfair as it doesn’t apply to non-app users, suggesting that discounted tickets for everyone on the affected routes would make more sense. 



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