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Plans to tighten water sports rules on Lake Geneva

National News // July 17, 2018

Rules and regulations concerning water sports on Lake Geneva are set to be tightened as Swiss and French authorities look at improving safety on the lake.

Pixabay Plans to tighten water sports rules on Lake Geneva

The Swiss Federal Office of Transport has opened a consultation with their French counterparts on the issue, which should lead to an agreement between the two countries that covers all of Lake Geneva.

Switzerland already has strict regulations covering water sports on the lake but there aren’t specific rules as yet that govern the lake as a whole. Jet skis are already banned by the Swiss, a ban that is supported by the French. Amphibious vehicles and parasails towed by boats are also expected to be banned. The consultation will look at whether or not to allow kite-surfing and what regulations are to be put in place governing water skiing and wakeboarding. 



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