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Pope in Geneva says we live at too fast a pace

National News // June 22, 2018

The Pope told the faithful in Geneva yesterday to reject the barrage of information we are subjected to and we all live our lives at too fast a pace. He said we should return to human relationships and reject technology,

max pixel Pope in Geneva says we live at too fast a pace

The Pope was talking to a crowd of 40,000 at the Palexpo in Geneva.

The Pontiff also showed signs of tiredness, at one point nearly stumbling from the podium, but he was steadied by an aide.

Many in the crowd had travelled from all over the country as well as France and Italy to be at the Mass. Some had been queuing outside the hall for most of the day.

Geneva commuters appeared to have heeded the advice of the police to avoid the area if they weren’t attending. The roads remained relatively clear – but the trains were heavily used.

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