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EU considers unemployment benefit shakeup for frontaliers

National News // June 21, 2018

The EU is considering a shake-up on how social benefits, including unemployment benefit, would be paid to cross border workers.

Kobzarius EU considers unemployment benefit shakeup for frontaliers

Currently the system is unemployment is paid by the country of residence – not work.

But the EU us looking to change that. It’s being recommended the country where the claimant last worked should pay.

As Switzerland has over 300,000 frontaliers – it could be very costly.

The issue was discussed at the annual meeting of the committee on free movement of people. It’s made up by countries in the EU, EEA and Switzerland.

Any change will have to go through the European parliament.

Switzerland also complained that its nationals struggled to get work in the civil services of other countries – and pointed out there are EU nationals working in many areas of the federal administration.


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