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Turkish diplomats wanted by Swiss authorities

National News // June 19, 2018

Two Turkish diplomats have had arrest warrants issued against them for the planning of a kidnapping of a Swiss citizen.

pixabay Turkish diplomats wanted by Swiss authorities

The federal prosecutor’s office say Haci Mehmet Gani and Hakan Kamil Yerge were plotting to drug a Swiss businessman with Turkish roots and then take him to Turkey.

It’s thought the man has links with the exiled Turkish preacher Fetullah Gulen who the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, believes was behind the attempted coup in 2016.

Turkey is denying the plot – but prosecutors say there’s plenty of evidence, including witness testimony and photos taken by police investigators.

Police say a homeless Turkish national in Zurich was offered a large amount of money to get close to the victim and put drugs in his food.

But it seems the diplomats will get away with the crime. Both are now back in Turkey – out of reach of a Swiss warrant.


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