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Traffic jams getting worse in Switzerland

National News // June 12, 2018

Swiss roads are getting busier and busier and jams are getting worse. That won’t come as a surprise to many commuters, but ideas on how to get the traffic flowing again are different.

pixabay Traffic jams getting worse in Switzerland

Drivers spent almost 26,000 hours in jams last year – up more than 7% on the year before.

One Swiss people’s party MP, Walter Wobmann, says more roads need to be built and also blames the problem on immigration – so that needs to stop as well.

Others say just building more roads only brings more traffic. The solution would be to bring in intelligent traffic control systems and encourage schools and firms to stagger opening hours to reduce the pressure at peak-time.

Currently trucks are banned from the roads at night. One idea is to allow the next generation of electric powered lorries to use the roads 24 hours a day. A traffic expert says the roads are deserted at night – that’s unused potential.

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