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FIFA takes World Cup ticket re-seller to court

National News // June 6, 2018

The Zurich based global football body FIFA is taking the online ticket reseller company Viagogo to court.

pixabay FIFA takes World Cup ticket re-seller to court

FIFA says it has received numerous complaints about the site alleging deceptive practices.

The website is offering tickets to World Cup matches. FIFA says the only legitimate website to buy tickets is its own and any tickets bought through unauthorized channels will be cancelled.

Viagogo has been accused in the past of selling tickets to sporting and musical events at vastly inflated prices – including an Ed Sheeran charity concert – and earlier this year was accused of selling fake tickets to a Bruno Mars concert in New Zealand.

Viagogo was set up in the UK in 2006, but is now based in Geneva.

FIFA has filed its complaint with the Geneva prosecutors’ office.


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