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Nestlé to cut hundreds of jobs in Switzerland

National News // May 30, 2018

Nestlé has announced it’s to shed 500 IT jobs in Switzerland and another 80 at its Nespresso operations and will be expanding its technology hubs in Spain and other locations.




Odrade123 Nestlé to cut hundreds of jobs in Switzerland

In a press release, the company says the reorganization will allow it to improve its digital services and react faster to technological changes.

It stresses there will be no changes to its production sites in Switzerland – and points out it is investing in its research centres in Lausanne and invested CHF 289m in Switzerland last year.

Nestlé says it appreciates it will be a difficult time for those who will be losing their jobs and there will be a redundancy package available.

The 80 affected at the Nespresso plant will be offered jobs at the new locations in Spain and Portugal.




Tags: economy, jobs, Nestle

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