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FM radio switch-off could be earlier than planned

National News // May 29, 2018

The Federal Office of Communication has confirmed it’s considering an earlier than planned shut-down of the country’s FM radio stations.

Sony FM radio switch-off could be earlier than planned

It’s long been the policy of moving radio listening to DAB – but the current idea was to close FM by 2024.

At a conference, an Ofcom staff member confirmed an early FM closure is being considered. The President of the Swiss Private Radio Association says the move makes financial sense.

Currently many stations are broadcasting on DAB and FM, which is expensive.

The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation is said to be very interested in an early FM switch off.

The head of the body overseeing the move to digital, Phillipe Zahno, says FM listening loses 4% market share every six months as listeners adopt new technology. He says it’s likely most radio listening will be digital by the end of the year.

Ofcom has yet to make a formal decision.


Tags: radio, fm, DAB, ofcom

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