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Anti-censorship group urges rejection of new gambling law

National News // May 18, 2018

An umbrella group called ‘Save the Free Internet’ is urging voters to reject an initiative next month as they claim it will lead to censorship.

pixabay Anti-censorship group urges rejection of new gambling law

Voters are being asked to approve a new law which is designed to block access to international gambling sites.

At a press conference this week, the group, which includes members of the Green party, says such a move will be ineffective.

They stress they have no links to the gambling industry – but they’re protesting against the principle of online censorship.

Swiss based casinos will be allowed to offer internet games.

The government is recommending voters accept the new law. They claim it will help protect problem gamblers and raise money for the pension fund as tax will be levied on domestic betting.

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