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Deadpool cosplay character arrested in Lugano

National News // May 17, 2018

Ticino police are being mocked online after they arrested a man dressed as the superhero from the movie franchise Deadpool in Lugano.

marvel Deadpool cosplay character arrested in Lugano

Although the second instalment of the massive hit is out this week – it seems some members of the police force don’t go to the cinema. Or read the papers, or go online.

They didn’t recognize the character and so arrested him at gunpoint and forced him to lay on the floor.

The man dressed as the character – and his friend – were handcuffed and taken to the police station.

It seems the outfit unnerved some members of the public and called the police. The two men were released shortly after and made the screening of the film in time – but not before the one wearing the costume was fined. Not for the fake guns – but covering his face, under the law in Ticino which is aimed at banning the niqab.

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