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Zurich police hopes to quell violence using schools

National News // May 16, 2018

Zurich City Police will be working in schools to teach students how to deal with officers and show them appropriate respect.

pixabay Zurich police hopes to quell violence using schools

The move comes as the force reveals there’ve been 42 attacks on officers so far this year. In comparison there were 106 attacks in the whole of last year.

The latest was on Sunday during what was supposed to be a peaceful walk along the shores of Lake Zurich. Police had to use tear gas and rubber bullets to quell a riot.

The City Police commander, Daniel Blumer, says 19 officers have been injured this year and on average each officer is faces a violent situation at least once a week.

The hope is the rising trend can be cut if school children are shown how to deal with the police.


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