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Campaign launched to change selection of federal judges

National News // May 16, 2018

A petition has been launched which aims to change the way Federal Judges are appointed to the Supreme Court.

picswiss Campaign launched to change selection of federal judges

Currently judges are elected by the Federal Assembly – that’s both houses of parliament – and have to be reconfirmed every seven years.

Campaigners say that leaves the judges open to political interference. They want to see judges appointed to the court by lottery and then sit until the age of 68.

The campaign head, Adrian Gasser, says there are many lawyers working in the country that would make fine judges, but don’t want to be involved with politics and so they never seek a seat on the top court.

He believes a lottery will widen the talent pool.

Potential judges will have to be suitably qualified and the court should also maintain linguistic diversity to reflect the country, says Gasser.

If the initiative succeeds, it will be up to the government to determine the exact workings of the lottery.

Campaigners have until November next year to collect enough signatures to force a vote.

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