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Couple convicted of animal cruelty after drowning dogs

National News // May 4, 2018

Protestors gathered outside a court in canton Aargau yesterday as a married couple were sentenced for animal cruelty.

Rosser1954 Couple convicted of animal cruelty after drowning dogs

The pair were found guilty of drowning their two dogs in the river Aare. Prosecutors say the husband weighed down the animals with a metal pipe before throwing them into the water. They would have had a painful death, the court heard.

The reasons for the cruelty is the wife says she was fed up with the smell and the barking.

The protestors at the court say they are not there to put pressure on the judges – but to highlight the actions of the couple. A spokeswoman says statistics show publicity surrounding animal cruelty cases is far more likely to deter than prison sentences.

The husband has been given a suspended sentence of 20 months and 4 years’ probation and the wife 16 months suspended. They’ve also been fined CHF 3,000.

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