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Thousands march on Mayday

National News // May 2, 2018

Thousands took to the streets yesterday across the country to mark International Labour Day. Unions focused on the gender pay gap and the fight for a minimum wage.

pixabay Thousands march on Mayday

In Zurich 13,000 attended the May Day rally – equal pay for men and women was the main topic. Many had placards of snails to illustrate the slow progress.

Zurich police say there was some damage to buildings because of paint bombs and there were also some fireworks set off during the march.

In Basel, 2,500 were on the streets with the same message of equal pay. Speakers pointed out that it’s been a constitutional requirement that men and women are paid the same for the past 37 years – and yet there are still differences.

In Geneva the fight was for a minimum wage. 2,000 marched demanding at least CHF 23 an hour. The issue is due to go to a cantonal vote as unions have collected enough signatures to force the matter to the ballot box.

In Bern – another 2,000 marched. While also fighting for equal pay – there was also a focus on the recent troubles at the Swiss news agency SDA where journalists went on strike to fight against job losses. Unions say the agency is too important to be driven by profits.

There were also worries about job cuts at Swiss Federal Railways.

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