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Secret Swiss army unit trained in UK

National News // April 27, 2018

A secretive cold war era Swiss army unit trained extensively in the UK, according to a report just published by the government.

Pfc. Han-byeol Kim Secret Swiss army unit trained in UK

The unit, called P26, has been mired in controversy since its existence was revealed in the early nineties.

It was designed to be a ‘stay behind’ unit if the country was invaded. The fear at the time was the Soviet Union.

But the 400 strong unit was set up without parliamentary approval and had no civilian oversight.

Members travelled secretly to the UK for training – a highly contentious move considering Switzerland’s traditional neutral stance and non-membership of NATO.

The recently published report, written in 1991, says it was alarming that it seems the British government knew more about P26 than the Swiss government.

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