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Poor results for right wing parties in Geneva

National News // April 16, 2018

The Geneva anti-Frontalier party ‘Genève en Marche’ is dead. After the first round of Geneva cantonal elections yesterday the party failed to reach 7% of the vote and so will not take seats in the next parliament. The party’s founder, Eric Stauffer says it will be dissolved.

pixabay Poor results for right wing parties in Geneva

Also doing badly was the Swiss People’s Party as the electorate swings away from populist policies as well as the Geneva Citizens Movement.

But we won’t know who will be in the new parliament until next week as all candidates, except for the Security Minister Pierre Maudet, failed to secure enough votes to avoid a run-off.

The liberal Free Democratic Party won 4 extra seats, cementing its position as the largest party with 28 – together with its coalition partners, the Christian Democrats winning one extra seat at 12.

Also adding seats were the Greens and the Socialists.

In all, it was a very bad night for the right wing.


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