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11% of Swiss nationals live outside the country

National News // April 6, 2018

Around 11% of Swiss passport holders live outside the country, according to figures from the Foreign Ministry.

瑞士護照真漂亮/flicr 11% of Swiss nationals live outside the country

And the numbers are growing – about 12,000 more Swiss move outside the country each and every year.

France is the most popular destination with 196,000 Swiss residents. Other neighbouring countries are also popular with Germany at 89,000 and Italy at 50,000.

So those numbers are likely to include border workers.

Next is Canada with 40,000, the UK with 34,000, Australia at 25,000 and Spain at 23,000.

If the Swiss abroad were counted as a canton, it would be the fourth largest after Zurich, Bern and Vaud.

More foreign residents are younger and 54% of them are female.

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