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Ramadan faces further problems after alibi questioned

National News // March 27, 2018

The Swiss Islamic scholar currently detained in France on rape allegations is facing further difficulties after a new piece of evidence seems to blow a hole in one of his alibis.

Irfan kottaparamban Ramadan faces further problems after alibi questioned

Tariq Ramadan, who taught at Geneva University, is being held in Paris as police investigate.

Ramadan is claiming he could not have raped one of his accusers as he was on a plane at the time. He has produced an airline ticket showing he arrived in Lyon after the alleged rape took place in 2009.

But a group, the Union of Young Muslims, which organized a conference Ramadan spoke at have told the court he requested an earlier flight and so was in Lyon hours before. One of the group’s members says he dropped off Ramadan at the Hilton hotel in the early afternoon. It’s alleged he raped a woman at that hotel the same day.

Ramadan is denying all the allegations against him.

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