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Bern residents benefit if neighbour wins lottery

National News // March 23, 2018

If your neighbour wins the lottery – it could be good for your commune. That’s how it works in Bern.  

snb Bern residents benefit if neighbour wins lottery

The city’s finance minister, Michael Aebersold told the press that last year there were two substantial lottery winners – both pocketing around CHF 23m.

But tax has to be paid on that – the city’s tax take was boosted by over CHF 5m.

The rule is 10% of the tax collected from lottery wins will go towards the commune in which the lottery winner lives.

But Bern’s finances are doing well. The city was over CHF 67m in the black. It’s going to be spent on school refurbishment and new sports facilities. There’s no chance of a tax cut.


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