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'Gotthard Racer' could escape jail - Ticino minister outraged

National News // March 22, 2018

The German driver, nicknamed the Gotthard Racer, may escape a prison term – despite being sentenced to a spell behind bars by a court in Ticino.

Grzegorz Święch 'Gotthard Racer' could escape jail - Ticino minister outraged

Back in the summer of 2014, Christian R, was stopped by police in the Gotthard Tunnel speeding at 200 kph. His BMW Z4 was impounded, but the driver fled to his home town of Stuttgart.

German prosecutors acting for the Swiss authorities are demanding he either return to Ticino to face jail – or serve time in Germany.

A German court has said the offence would not be treated as a crime in Germany and so he should not go to jail.

Prosecutors have appealed and the case will now go to a higher court.

A Ticino cantonal minister, Norman Gobbi, is outraged. He says the driver still faces a prison term and a driving ban in Switzerland and if he ever reenters the country he will be arrested.

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